May 06, 2009

Parents plan demonstration, hunger strike to protest against fee hike in schools

CHENNAI: Parents who have united under the banner of the Educational Revamp and Protection Association, to protest against the fee hike in schools, held a meeting here on Tuesday. With the objective of fetching several on-the-spot registrations, the event was intended to familiarise interested parents with activities of the organisation as well as future plans.
"We are organising this meeting primarily to get an idea of the problems faced by parents, who are not members of our forum, in their children's schools. We have already distributed notices outside a CBSE school in Anna Nagar, sent letters to the chief minister's cell, the state secretary and education minister, and have sought through telegrams appointments with them. We plan to initiate court proceedings next week. If our steps come to no avail, we will organise a demonstration this weekend or form a human chain. If there is no action after that, we will go on a hunger strike sometime between May 20 and 25. We are waiting for the elections to get over and for things to settle down in Parliament," said K M Chellababu, secretary of the association.
Members of the forum planned to gather information about schools that were violating the by-laws framed by the CBSE and the directorate of matriculation schools. They planned to meet the heads of both the educational bodies and present a point-by-point memorandum, Chellababu added. The secretary said that the meetings would also serve to increase enrollment in the organisation. "We received consent from 100 interested parents within an hour of discussing the issue in a school. About 200 others had shown consent when we distributed notices. We think this meeting will help draw more interested parents to help the cause," Chellababu said.