May 06, 2009

From the President's Desk

Dear Brave Hearts,
Mercury levels are shooting and time has come for us prove that we are united in proving our point.
Just for your info., Yesterday DPS Hyderabad parents association was called for meeting and the management representatives requested them to help management this year. Association representatives clearly informed the management that we will, if you roll back the fee hike.
In Delhi and Chennai Parents are going for Hunger strike, the ultimate step, because they are feel that the hike is highly unjust. May be we will follow the suit, keeping our options open. Believe us, we will get what we deserve, and our resolve is very clear " Complete Roll Back ", till that time we are not paying the fee.
Pls. attend tomorrow's ( 7th May ) GBM at 8:15 AM Sharp with out fail, near DPS secunderabad.
Pls. use your contacts to call Media and Press, we need it now.
United we stand.

Jai Ho !!!