May 07, 2009

A BIG THANKS TO ALL - From the President's Desk

Dear friends,
We've been reading lot of news from across the country for a month now & today its our turn to show to the world what we could manage. And the media who has been supporting our cause from day1, along with many other schools parents who stood & guided us.

I would like thanks you all and also our Advocates Sri Vasantha Rayudu garu & Sri Janardhan Rao garu for achieving the HC directive.
I know how much personal commitment and time it took for us to come so far, I know how many man hours of work has gone into getting the protest to the level where we are now.
I know there are many silent killers who have been helping us in many ways, the very first help they gave us is not paying the fee, otherwise we would not have got here.
To all the brave ladies who with stood Scorching heat, we salute you all, because of you all only we are looking good in front of everybody.
To those gentlemen who have done lot of background work, we remember you all and I am sure that it is your hard work that paid off, we admire your resolve in bringing the management to the negotiating table.
The road a head for us is not smooth anymore, we need to tread very carefully and our key now is information and Data, pls. help us with information, any small thing can do wonders.
Remember our GBM on 11th, where one parent pointed out Prospectus of 5 to 10% raise, now that small information is the key Prayer now in our writ petition. I would like to thank the parent " Sir, you are the key man , we owe you a lot".
Tomorrow morning our association members are there at Axis Bank , RP Road at 9:30 Am to help you all in paying only the Term fee and Bus fee. Those parents who wants to pay the fee, bring your old challans only, we will stand there with High court order to help you in paying the fee.
Last but not the least, We only got Interim order, long road to cover, be patient, we will reach our ultimate goal.
Together we win.

Jai Ho!!!