May 09, 2009

A letter from a Parent

Dear Fellow Parents

It is indeed wonderful and heartening to see such trust and confidence we have placed in ourselves. I could not help but feel a child-like thrill when I heard of the interim order passed by the court. I am sure many would have felt the same. A small but sure step reiterating our firm belief. The school tried a 'DIVIDE and RULE policy'...(our Schools have taught us UNITED WE STAND)

I'd like to (on behalf of everyone) thank the few ( I guess 3) parents who took the initiative and flagged off this protest under the now famous tree, those that spoke to the management, those that got the Association registered, the writ petition filed, media attention.......I'd like to add here that the parent who brought the 5%-10% raise point is Mr.Nishikanth Mohanty (credit goes to his wife Sugata who brought it to his notice). Mr.Subramanyam...whom we better know as Subbu :) Thanks for your sense of humour (through every GBM) that brings a smile on to our Frustrated ...sun burnt...faces!

Lots of names come to mind...most of the parents collectively know U as the CORE GROUP...Thanks guys! Finally, KUDOS to all of US who strongly and firmly supported DPaS in its efforts.

WE HAVE MILES TO GO... in our attempt at truly making a Better Tommorrow for our kids! UNITED WE STAND

Thanks for a patient reading.

Warm Regards to All