September 24, 2009

School re-opens on 5th October, 2009

As per the schools website ( the school re-opens on 5th October, 2009 instead of 29th September, 2009. Parents please make a note of this.

September 23, 2009

Citizen opinion on GO MS No. 1, Education (PS 2) Dated 01-01-1994

Please find below the press note released by GoAP, inviting citizens to voice their opinion on various rules that should be mandated to better the educations system in AP. Time for all of us individual send our concerns in terms of suggestions. What more can you expect from the Government. Friends now the onus is on us to take the societal responsibility on our shoulders & provide the valuable suggestions & hope for the best. FYI press note is given below & you may download the complete document from GoAP site as detailed.

Press Note

Citizen opinion on
GO MS No. 1, Education (PS 2) Dated 01-01-1994
(Andhra Pradesh Educational Institute (Establishment, Recognition, Administration, and Control of schools under Private Management - Rules, 1993)

Government vide GO MS No. 1, dated 01-01-1994, as amended from time to time, have issued rules detailing process for granting permission, recognition and management of Private schools. There is general feeling that these rules needs modification to simplify process, minimize entry barriers and make it more citizen friendly. Use of Information technology should also be explored for making process convenient, transparent and accountable.

Hence now, feedback/suggestion/opinion is requested from citizens on GO MS 1, dated 01-01-1994 as amended from time to time. Citizens are requested, to the extent possible, to give their opinion on each and every section (Clause) of the GO. Copy of GO amended up to 17-08-2009 is placed at home page under caption ‘What is new’.

Citizens can send their views in writing to Commissioner & Director School Education Hyderabad through post or through email at

We encourage citizen to use email mode for simplicity and convenience.

Last date for sending feedback is September 30, 2009.

Suresh Chanda
Secretary, Secondary Education
3rd Floor, J Block, AP SecretariatHyderabad.

September 17, 2009

Tomorrows program called off !!!

Regret to inform you all, that the planned program for tomorrow is being called off due to different view & perspective by the school management. As we've been informing from day one, Parents are for cordial & open relationship with school administration & management & would not indulge in activities that would effect any of us.

We thank those hundreds of parents who came forward (communicated with us as of now & others who have planned to meet tomorrow) for this & looking forward for the same gesture & involvement in our future programs. In short the response has been overwhelming.

September 15, 2009

The Joy of giving !!!

Coming in next few days are our Ramzan-Dasara festive season. This is the time we can multiply our joy by sharing with those unfortunate or the dear one's with whatever we can.

As you all know most of the times our kids in the schools are taken care by Ayyamma's - those lovely ladies, share their love to the kids through the day, when in need.

We had few discussions & came up with an idea of sharing some gifts to those ladies on 18th September, when school normally does some activity for them. As parents (voluntary & at your will) can come forward & do your little bit by either or/and contributing say small amount of Rs 100 / share a saree (that you may no longer use & should be a new one, excuse us for not accepting used one's). Just look it as a good will gesture to them & by no means is mandated on any of you.

You may reach Aruna @ 9949600091 or Ravi @ 9346215678 for more details. You may also email us @ or

September 13, 2009

Whats missing ?

We do hope the parents have paid the second term fee of their wards as per the challans issued reflecting that of last year fee, as the note from school along with the challan said - as per GO MS91.

Now, some where something is missing @ DPaS ???
You read it right ... due to various reasons the except for Hygienic activity we somehow lost our larger goal ... not to say that each of us has dropped it off but its in silos meaning in individual minds. Need of the hour is to get these back on larger gathering. Take take this further, we have 2 ideas that has come forward from various parents who are in constant touch ..

1. The festival season is starting in couple of weeks from now. Can we look at a contribution from DPaS in terms of what ever each of you feel, to be donated to Ayyamma's who are taking care of those little one's through their school time ? Remember they're the lowest paid & we look at them in the hour of need & why not a thank you note to them ? Off course it'll go through only if the school administration has no objection to it.

2. General body meeting : Forgotten for sometime now, has to be revived. When & where suggestions are most welcomed.

3. DPaS believes in do that little extra bit for society ... what can you do now?

September 03, 2009

May God give YSR eternal rest &may his soul rest in peace!

As most of you would have been aware by now, that this state has lost one of his most dynamic leaders in Air crash yesterday. DPS Parents Association, Secunderabad (DPaS), under the banner of Hyderabad Schools Parents Association (HSPA) condemns this unfortunate incident and pays homage to this great leader.
Late Sri. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy was very supportive of our movement since the day it had reached to his notice. It was his constant support which ensured that the Fee Regulatory Committee presented their report in record 10 calendar days and the same was released in the form of an amended GO within a month. Ministers Sr. Danam Nagender - Minister for Health, Sri D. Manikya Vara Prasada Rao - Minister for Education, Several government officials like Sri. Suresh Chander, IAS - Secretary to Govt (SE), Smt.Poonam Malakondaiah, IAS - Director & Commissioner, Department of School Education, Sri Navin Mittal, IAS - Collector of Hyderabad, Mr Luv Agarwal, IAS - Commissioner, Intermediate Education; were all supporting the plight of parents in AP state and were providing all support to HSPA members under Dr. YSR’s leadership.

All the parents in AP will always remain grateful to him….
We pray to God that his soul rests in peace.

September 02, 2009

Congratulations !!!

Whether its the parents or management, DPS Secunderabad & Hyderabad shows the way & leads. The circular & challans sent by the school shows this once again.
- Thanks to those 700 plus parents who are active & those of you who supported from behind in every step we took
- Thanks to the school management for accepting our demand, even if its a stop gap .
- Big thanks to Hyderabad School Parents Association (HSPA) for ensuring everything went right at the political system & not to forget we're (DPaS) founding members & the main backbone.

Today DPS Hyderabad & Secunderabad becomes the first major school in the Greater Hyderabad to accept the Govt of APs GO No 91 & amendments.

Many of us wondered what can we do ? - pull out the kids from the school or just pay up what the management demanded ?????
Go, tell those who wondered & questioned, now with pride that you did it ....