June 23, 2009

Open house discussion with the Committee formed by Govt of AP

Today was a big day for all parents (alike to the school managements) who met up with the committee formed by the government of AP to look into the fee hikes in private schools in AP. This as most of you know was held in Jubilee Hall. The entire hall (one of the largest in AP) jam packed with representations from parents, management & student bodies across AP & not just Hyderabad alone.

HSPA has submitted our representation in writing to the management

  1. Asked for complete role back of fees
  2. Need to have the fee hikes regulated
  3. Need to have a elected Parents - Teachers Association (PTA) that can take active role in every activity in the school including strategic decisions like addition/deletion of facilities, any change in fees etc.
  4. Need to have at least 2 parents in the government committee

DPaS did represent in big numbers ... thanks to all the parents who came & spent few hours from their busy schedules & share their thoughts & suggestions with the committee & also to the press. This we feel is a strong step towards creating a better environment & better society. Those of who who couldn't make it can drop their views in writing before this friday evening (26th June, 2009) @ the Department of Education, next to BSNL exchange in Lak-di-ka pool.

We can expect first cut say from the committee on 29th June, 2009. However word of caution being lets all get united irrespective of what the outcome of this maybe ... together we stand, we win.