June 07, 2009

DPaS welcomes Students, Parents & Teachers to the new academic year 2009-2010

Warm welcome to the entire faternity of the school for the new academic year with new thoughts in our minds, fresh blood for new decisions, new plans for progression ... & a very new way of life. While we're fresh in every aspect for the new year starting form tomorrow, we @ DPaS as mandated by over 550 member Parents have had done enough work to keep up our movement as remarkable & progressive in nature.

Thoughts for the new & fresh year for Team DPaS :

1. The important agenda is to grow our members base from 550 plus to at least 1200 plus(ifn't 1800 plus) in next 1month. Please do invite all the parents you know to write to us @
dpssecunderabad@gmail.com for registration. We plan to have membership registration camps at least twice this week at the school. Membership fee is still nominal @ Rs 100 per parent.

2. The court case id due for hearing this week. If you want to track it, you may use this link & follow on your own

3. As has been discussed, our agenda to is make a positive contribution to the school by all parents, most of them being professionals in their own chosen field/verticals. This gives a big momentum to take whole lot of positive volunteered energies to work for betterment of the school. To take this up forward, few subcommittees are proposed to be formed. Separate communication will land in your email boxes in few days from now on t his, in detail & request each member to add to it.

4. We propose to have General Body Meeting (GBM) in coming days (not later than 20th of June).

5. Most of you would've followed the media (Print & TV) & our blog off course, which clearly shows the positive movement by various government bodies towards the cause we've started & we're one of the force to be counted on for this to happen.

For those, who are not aware, please be informed that a larger body called Hyderabad Schools Parents Association is under formation & as of now over 16 schools are together ... this parent body has complete support to take this cause for the benefit of all the schools in Hyderabad & Secunderabad. For any support related information you may write to us or @

Finally we need volunteers from parents to come forward to make the initiatives being planned. We welcome parents who want to contribute time & effort for one of the planned committee's by writing to

Thank you for all the support & Lets together make this happen ..

President of DPaS