February 01, 2013

School cabs to go yellow with green stripe

BANGALORE: Contract carriage vehicles ferrying children to schools should be painted yellow with a horizontal 150-mm stripe in green colour in the middle all round them. The vehicles should prominently display the words "school cab" on all four sides.

These are some of the conditions laid out by the commissioner for transport and road safety for operating contract carriage vehicles that ferry schoolchildren. The directive cites a Supreme Court order on safety of schoolchildren and a state government notification dated January 18, 2013.

Vehicles plying schoolchildren should have a contract carriage permit issued under Section 74 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, the commissioner said.

Seating capacity must not exceed 13, including driver. The authority said that a speed governor with maximum speed of 40 kmph should be fitted to the vehicle. Also, the vehicle should not be over 15 years old from the date of initial registration. While the driver must have a valid licence for a period of at least four years, there should be sufficient space for school bags inside the vehicles.

The closed body type and hard top vehicles should have a complete register of children in the cab, including their name, class, residential address, contact phone/ mobile number, blood group, route plan etc.

The commissioner has asked all heads of schools/ school committees and private vehicles operators providing transport facility to schoolchildren to strictly adhere to the conditions.

* 'School cab' must be written on all sides of vehicle
* Authorized LPG kits to be certified. No seats over LPG tank
* No tinted windows; doors must have reliable locks
* Display name, address/phone number of permit holder on rear of cab

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