October 10, 2011

Message to Parents from President's desk

Dear Parents,

Today , 10th October, school is closed without any intimation. Many parents as well as children had to face some unpleasant situations and inconvenience. I would like to share few of my thoughts with you all.

1. Why are primary schools made part of this Agitation ? 
2. Are we being bullied or are we getting scared to call a spade a spade ? 
3. Today we are consumers and we are buying education, as this school management is not providing us any free service, can't we demand for consumer protection ? 
4. Can we just call for one EGBM and disscuss about way forward ?

all the above for parents.

coming to Primary students who are getting disturbed for no reason, what is happening to them.

1. All of them slowly drifting away from study mode to play mode, as every day is uncertain .
2. They are terating this as a joke and not paying any attention to syllabus or exams .
3. Can they really copeup with lost 45 days of education due to bandhs ? is it really possible for any kid to complete lost 45 days of education in remaining 3 months, which means chew more than one can swallow.

So, Parents time to raise our voice, for a change this time this is more of social.

I am proposing to meet near school on 12th Morning at 8:00 AM to discuss about this and may be we can present Memorandum to CM/Education Minister and also High court.

Jai Ho,

October 09, 2011

Parents protest arbitrary fee hike in private schoools

New Delhi, October 09, 2011
Hundreds of people on Sunday held a demonstration outside Rajghat to protest "arbitary" fee hike by private schools in the national capital. The protest rally was organised by the All India Parents Association (AIPA) where the participants underlined the need to reform school education in the country.

The protesters demanded initiation of criminal proceedings against the 25 private school in the capital which were indicted by the CAG recently.

"The AIPA has also written a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking an effective central law to check arbitrary fee hike in unaided private schools as well as for upgrading all government schools to the level of central schools," a statement from AIPA said.

In the letter, AIPA demanded a Central Law to check arbitrary fee hike in unaided private schools and upgrading of all government schools to the minimum level of central schools.